Equipment List

Our List is Most Likely Already in Your Clinic
Scale (Weight)Patient Weight$10.00 - $150.00Scale
Tape Measure (Height) Patient Height$4.50 - $20.00Tape
Heart Rate Monitor
(HR App to Blood Pressure Cuff, etc)

Blood Pressure Monitor or Cuff
Patient Heart Rate

Patient Blood Pressure
$10.00 - $50.00Heart Rate for FCE
Stop Watch All Timed Tests like
the Sitting Test,
Standing Test,
Walking Test,
Box & Block,
Moberg, Etc.
$0 (using an App) - $50.00Stop Watch for Functional Capacity Evaluation
Standard Chair (No cushions) Sitting Test$30.00 - $100.00Chair for FCE Test
Treadmill or Walking TrackWalking Test, &
some optional
$0 (walking Track) - $1000.00Treadmill
Weights ranging from 1-10 lbs
Weights: 10 lb x 10
Lift, Carry, Push, Pull$45.00 - $150.00Treadmill
Lifting Box or Milk CrateLift/Carry Test$4.75 - $175.00Crates
8 foot Shelf with Adjustable Shelf HeightsLift/Carry Test$60.00 - $500.00Bookcase
Push Pull Sled or Cart with Locking WheelsPush/Pull Test$45.00 - $200.00Sled
6 or 8 foot: 2 x 4 piece of woodBalance Test$15.00 -$ 50.002X4
Set of Stairs or Step StoolStep Test$10.00 - $40.00Stairs
Standard Pinch Gauge Hand Strength$40.00 - $150.00Pinch Gauge
Round Washer,
Square Nut,
Hand Fine Motor$1.00 - $2.50Nuts
Hot Pack (Warm Cloth),
Cold Pack (Cold Cloth),
Piece of Sand Paper,
Piece of Cotton Cloth
Sensory Testing$30.00 - $50.00Hot Pack
Carrying Bag or FCE Lifting Box
Carry - Single Arm$15.00 - $80.00Case
8 Foot Step Ladder
Ladder Test$30.00 -$100.00Ladder
Jamar Grip Dynamometer
Hand Strength$100.00 - $260.00Jamer Grip
Box & Block Test
Gross Motor$180.00 - $250.00Box Block
Moberg Pick up Test
Fine Motor$5.00 - $20.00Moberg