Course Description:

The Fit For Duty (FFD), Employment Screen (ES) and Job Demand Analysis (JDA) Certification Course is designed for professionals who want to begin implementing or simply increase their knowledge & skills in performing fitness based and functional capacity based “pre and post” offer employment evaluations and an onsite job demand analysis. The Pre/Post Fit For Duty or Employment Screen [also known as an Physical Abilities Test or Pre/Post Offer Employment Test (POET)] assesses a worker’s ability to perform the physical demands of their job. Examiners can initially conduct an on-site analysis of the physical demands of specific job activities and create a testing protocol specific to the work environment (user defined occupation or UDO). The test itself consists of a safety pre-screen, standardized objective tests and measurements, and job-specific tests. The end result is a thorough, easy-to-read report with pass/fail recommendations. Reduce healthcare spending and keep employees safe and productive. Individuals passed by the FFD or ES are proven to be physically capable of their day-to-day job tasks. A workplace staffed by FFD or ES-tested employees will see a drastic reduction in its injury rate – leading to decreased healthcare spending on the part of the employer. The JDA is highly customizable. You can design your own test, or select from the database of over 10,000 predesigned jobs, plus DOT and O*NET data. Administer a Job Demand Analysis (JDA) followed by a (FFD) or (ES). Easily assess the physical demands of a given job, and a potential worker’s ability to perform that job. The (FFD) or (ES) delivers a line-by-line job demand match of all the quantitative physical and/or job related tasks. It’s easy to tell whether a potential hire is up to the demands of a given position: just look for the all-green down the right side. Upon completion of the course you will be able to conduct a comprehensive general or job specific analysis of the essential functions & physical demands of any established DOT occupation or user defined created occupation. You will have a ground level understanding as well as the basic skills for an onsite job demand analysis. Your hands-on experience during this course will include performing a job demand analysis for a fictional employer to create an individualized pre/post offer POET. The instructors will assist in creating your post offer/pre employment test and JDA. The webFCE Software will be utilized during the course as a training tool.

This course will teach you how to correctly implement all techniques & procedures used during an FFD/ES/FDA and how to make sound and professional interpretations of the results. It will also ensure your competence in the use of all evaluative instruments required during a FFD/JDA/ES. These instruments and procedures are peer reviewed for reliability, validity, and widely accepted in industrial rehabilitation. You will be trained to administer and produce an individualized FFD/JDA/ES report that meets today’s standards. The webFCE Software will be utilized during the course as a training tool.

Satisfactory course completion as an assessment of learned outcomes includes:

  • Participation of our 3 hour educational course or live demo.
  • Satisfactory knowledge of the Procedure Manual.
  • Performance and critique of a Job Demand Analysis, Pre/Post Fit-for-Duty and Post/Post.
  • Offer Employment Screen.
  • Competency examination with a minimal grade of 70%.

Course Rationale:

Provide comprehensive & research based testing skills and information to any medical professional who is interested in performing JDA’s/Fit-For-Duty’s/ES’s (Pre/Post). Create a comprehensive knowledge & skills base to aid the evaluator in conducting an objective and research based JDA/Fit-For-Duty/ES. Finally, to develop appropriate communication skills disseminating the acquired information to the appropriate referral sources such as work places, medical facilities and/or insurance providers.

Course Objectives:

To provide learner information regarding:

  • Ability to perform a comprehensive Job Demands Analysis.
  • Create a legally defensible POET based on the actual job evaluated in the course.
  • Write industry accepted essential functions and job descriptions using the US Department of Labors sentence analysis technique.
  • Expand your market share into this cash based market.
  • Use research and regulations supporting testing for your customers.
  • Recognize and consider the importance of the following federal law, case law, and research supporting tests:
    – Americans with Disability Act (ADA); Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
    – Review of case studies that validate the use of pre/post employment screening.
    – Making your evaluations legally defensible.
  • Develop pre/post offer fit-for-duty and Employment Screens:
    – Job replicated testing and standardized tests.
    – Administering and Validation processes for all tests conducted.
    – Summarizing your findings in a concise and comprehensive manner.
  • How to implement, maintain and promote your program to existing and future customers.
  • Be proficient in the of the implementation of the webFCE FFD/JDA/ES software.

Target Audience:

Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapists Assistants, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, and Athletic Trainers.

Training Cost:

$99 per person – on demand (pre-recorded); $299 per person – Live in person; $199 per person – Live Webinar.

Contact Hours/CEU:

4 hours/3 CEUs.


Anthony Mela, DO [Board Certified in Family Medicine]