Use Our Marketing Materials to Form Business Partnerships and Grow Your Business Long-Term

Employers are looking for ways to cut costs by decreasing workers compensation claims. Your clinic can help them do that using our occupational testing software. The benefits you can provide to employers and companies by offering occupational testing include:

  • Identifying problems before they occur
  • Reducing turnover by matching employee capabilities with job demands
  • Decreasing injury risk—lowered incidence of job-related injuries and worker’s compensation claims.
  • Improving productivity by keeping trained and successful workers on the job.
  • Decreasing cost to employers by minimizing time lost to injuries, costs of rehiring and training new employees
  • Improving employee morale by maintaining continuity of staffing
  • Building enduring business relationships with clients and customers by being able to consistently meet deadlines, expectations, and maintain competitive pricing for services
  • Increasing profit margin

Download our one-pager and use it to market occupational testing and get started growing your business!

Occupational testing brochure for employers and companies