A Side-by-Side Comparison of Our FCE Software

Feature / Characteristic Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Corporate Wellness
FCE 1 Day Exam FCE 2 Day Exam Work Evaluation Employment Screen
Pre Offer Post Offer Fit for Duty
Fitness Screen
Health Risk
Length of Exam: 5-10 minute
Length of Exam: 15-20 Minute
Length of Exam: 30-35 Minute
Length of Exam: 3-6 Hours
Length of Exam: 6-12 Hours
Diagnosis Usually Needed
Medical History of Condition
Past Medical History
Disability Questionnaires
Musculoskeletal Exam
Dynamic Strength Testing: lift,carry, push, pull, etc
Functional Task Testing
Sit, Stand, Walk Tolerances
Gross & Fine Dexterity Testing
Hand Strength Testing
Cardiovascular Testing
Maximal/Consistency of EffortTesting
Full-time Work Tolerance
Sensory Testing
Balance Testing
Fitness/Agility Testing
Body Composition Testing
Health Questionnaires
Anthropometric Calculators
Disease Risk Assessments based on Health
Pass/Fail Scoring Method
Norm Based Comparison Scoring Method – Compare Norms against person age, sex, or race
General FCE – No Job Needed to Test
Job Specific FCE – Compares test results against job selected
Return To work Determination
Disability Determination
Identifies Work Deficits

* = Employer Approval May Be Indicated.

Disability (DOT-RFC) vs Return to Work (DOT-RTW)

Pre-Screen – Vital Signs, PAR-Q, Medical History
Isoinertial Material Handling
  • Combined Lift Carry Task
  • Push Task
  • Pull Task
  • Floor to Waist Lift
  • Waist to Shoulder Lift
  • Shoulder to Overhead Lift
  • Single Arm Carry Task
  • Bilateral Arm Carry Task
System Review/Physical Examination
  • System Review/ Gross Examination
  • Inclinometer Range of Motion/Manual Muscle Testing
  • Orthopedic/Neurological Special Testing
  • Volumetric/Circumference Testing
  • Palpation Screen
  • Gait Screen/Motor Screen/Cognition Screen
Sit, Stand & Walk Tolerance Testing
Pain/Psychosocial Screening and other outcome scales
Job Demand Analysis/DOT & O*NET job comparison
Work Simulation Testing
Full Time Work Tolerance Testing
Balance Testing
  • Standardized Function Reach Test
  • Standardized Single Leg Stance Tests
  • Standing/Walking Balance
  • Crouching Balance
Gross & Fine Motor Testing
  • Observational Gross Motor testing
  • Observational Fine Motor Testing
  • Standardized Grip strength Testing
  • Standardized Tip Pinch Strength Testing
  • Standardized Key Pinch Strength Testing
  • Standardized Chuck Pinch Strength Testing
  • Standardized Moberg Pick-up Testing
Purdue or
  • Standardized Purdue Pegboard Testing
  • Standardized Box & Block Testing
Minnesota or
  • Standardized Minnesota Manual Dexterity Testing
Sensory Testing
  • Texture, Temperature, & Object Recognition Testing
  • Standardized Monofilament Testing
Two Point or
  • Standardized Two Point Discrimination Testing
Functional Activity Testing
  • Observation Testing – stairs, ladders, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, foot controls, bending
  • Standardized Stair Climbing Test
  • Standardized Stooping/Forward Bending Test
  • Standardized Kneel Tolerance Test
  • Standardized Repetitive Squat Test
  • Standardized Repetitive Crouching Tests
  • Standardized Overhead Reaching Tests
  • Standardized Side to Side Reaching Test
  • Standardized Repetitive Standing Heel Rise Test
  • Standardized Lower Extremity Motor Coordination Test
Consistency of Effort Testing
Cardio-Respiratory Fitness Testing
  • Choice of Walking, Steps, Treadmill, Running, Upper and Lower Body Ergometer Testing