FAQs About webFCE’s Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) and Pre/Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) Software

  • 1. How long does a physical abilities test (PAT) take to complete?

    30-35 minutes.

  • 2. Who conducts the physical abilities test (PAT) test?

    These tests are best administered by a physical or occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, or athletic trainer.

  • 3. Where is the physical abilities test (PAT) performed?

    The test can be done in a nearby clinic or at the workplace, depending on hiring patterns.

  • 4. Why are physical abilities testing (PAT) and pre/post-employment tests (POETs) important?

    Pre-employment PAT can help mitigate risk for both the employer and employee through injury prevention and can significantly reduce the frequency and cost of work-related injuries.

  • 5. Are physical abilities tests (PATs) and pre/post-employment tests (POETs) valid, legally defensible, and cost-effective?


  • 6. Can physical abilities tests (PATs) and pre/post-employment tests (POETs) improve the hiring process and reduce claims?

    PAT/POET can improve the hiring process by identifying which candidates can and cannot do the job in an objective and defensible manner.