Grow Your Clientele and Increase Revenue With webFCE’s Functional Fitness Testing (FFT) Software!

Willingness to get fit and live a healthy life is growing at an exponential rate. The functional fitness test (FFT) is a simple, and easy-to-use battery of fitness-related examinations used to help patients get fitter.

The FFT can track an individual’s progress over time, allowing individuals to monitor and evaluate their lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep patterns on a continual basis. Functional fitness testing can be offered to any individual between the ages of 18 and 94, and can help businesses gain loyal clients who will come back to your clinic for regular testing.

Functional fitness testing evaluates an individual’s fitness level based on age and gender-related norms and also identifies key risk areas that can lead to injury.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Offering Functional Fitness Testing (FFT)?

Healthcare providers across a broad range of fields can offer functional fitness testing, including:

  • Physical therapists/Occupational therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Sports medicine professionals
  • Exercise physiologists

Professionals who specialize in athletics can also offer FFT, such as:

  • Athletic trainers
  • Certified personal trainers
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialists

Use functional fitness testing software to create corporate health and wellness programs and create long-term business partnerships.

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What Does a Functional Fitness Test Consist Of?

The functional fitness test examines 4 or 5 key areas of an individual’s overall level of fitness health, including:

  • Body composition
  • Flexibility and posture
  • Muscle strength, power, and endurance
  • Balance and motor coordination
  • Speed and agility

How Does a Functional Fitness Test Work?

  • Pre-screen—your client fills out a questionnaire to determine whether they qualify for the test. Vital signs are taken. If they fail, physician consent is recommended.
  • Test selection—the healthcare or fitness professional determines the type of exam they want to perform: a mini (15 min) exam, a moderate (20-25 min) exam, or a comprehensive (30-35 min) exam. The software will then select the appropriate tests (based on age and sex) from peer-reviewed medical journals.
  • Perform the fitness screen—a health or fitness professional conducts the various tests on the client.
  • Email or print the report—generate a report and share the results with the client.
  • Exercise program design—a health or fitness professional then designs an exercise program for the client based on the test results.

Equipment Needed to Perform a Functional Fitness Test (FFT)

Scale (Weight) Weight $10.00 – $150.00
Tape Measure, Yard Stick Height,
Sit & Reach,
Vertical Jump,
Functional Reach
$4.50 – $20.00
Heart Rate Monitor (HR App to Blood
Pressure Cuff, etc)
Heart Rate measurement $10.00 – $50.00
Blood Pressure Monitor or Cuff Blood Pressure measurement
Stop Watch All Timed Tests $0 (built into software or use an App)
Standard Chair (No cushions) approx 46 cm in height Sit to stand test Get up and Go Chair Sit & Reach $30.00 – $100.00
Treadmill or Walking/Running Track Cardio-respiratory tests (Optional) $0 (walking Track) – $1000.00
5 pound and 8 pound
Arm Curl Test $5.00 – $10.00
Duct Tape Roll or Similar Tape Sit-up Test,
Sit & Reach,
Hexagon Test,
Figure of Eight
Metronome Calf Raise,
Sit up Test,
Step Tests
$0 (built into software or use an App)
Sit-and-Reach Box (Zero point at 23 or 26 cm) Or Home made version Sit & Reach
Canadian Version
$0.00 – $100.00
Pair of Cones (Two) Figure of Eight
Run (Optional)
$10.00 – $20.00
Step Stool Step Test
40 cm (16 in)
33 cm (13 in)
$10.00 – $20.00
4 Canes 4 Square Step Test
$30.00 – $40.00
Density Foam Pad Modified Romberg
Test (Optional)
$15.00 – $20.00
Jamar Grip Dynamometer (Optional) Hand Strength
$100.00 – $260.00
Box & Block Device
Box and Block Test
$180.00 – $250.00
1 Piece of Rigid Foam Pad 50 cm x 55 cm x
0.4 cm Along with 6 cm diameter paper circles
Lower Extremity
Motor Scale
Stationary Bike Cardio-respiratory
tests (Optional)
Upper Body Ergometer Cardio-respiratory
tests (Optional)