FAQs About webFCE’s Functional Fitness Testing (FFT) Software

  • 1. What does your functional fitness (FFT) software do?

    Our software evaluates important health-related “fitness risks” for individuals of all ages and tracks their progress over time. The various tests are simple and easy to perform. In fact, any personal trainer or fitness professional can perform the tests. They can be completed on your clients every couple of months to keep them more engaged in their health.

  • 2. Why is webFCE’s functional fitness testing (FFT) software better than the competition?

    Presently, the majority of Fitness Tests on the market today only focus on a young population while others focus only on the middle age or elderly populations. To overcome this limitation, we have designed a new and comprehensive software program (backed by peer-reviewed literature) that will allow you to evaluate fitness levels for individuals of all ages. Our new online software program will allow you to give individuals a fast, easy, comprehensive, and concise report that can make them want to become your client for life.

  • 3. How often should functional fitness testing (FFT) be conducted on a client?

    These fitness tests can be performed every month or every couple of months—it’s totally up to your discretion and goals. All test scores are standardized and any progress reports/graphs created on subsequent visits will help motivate the client to be more proactive in staying healthy. The functional fitness screen can also be great for PT clinics that have gym or wellness memberships.

  • 4. Who can perform a functional fitness test (FFT)?

    A wide range of healthcare professionals can perform functional fitness tests, including:

    • Physical therapists/Occupational therapists
    • Chiropractors
    • Sports medicine professionals
    • Exercise physiologists
    • Athletic trainers
    • Certified personal trainers
    • Certified strength and conditioning specialists
  • 5. How much training do I need to use your functional fitness testing (FFT) software?

    Minimal training is needed to perform an FFT. Most can be learned through videos and manuals.

  • 6. Can I use my own logo to brand my company when marketing your functional fitness software?


  • 7. Am I limited on how many users and locations I can use in the software?

    No. It’s unlimited.

  • 8. How much does your functional fitness testing (FFT) software cost?

    Our functional fitness test costs under a dollar per test.

  • 9. Do I need to download the functional fitness testing (FFT) software?

    No. Our software is cloud-based, so all you need is internet access to operate the software.

  • 10. Can I become certified in your functional fitness testing (FFT) software?


  • 11. Is the functional fitness testing (FFT) software cloud-based and HIPAA compliant?


  • 12. Who can I perform the functional fitness test (FFT) on and are there any age limits?

    You can perform the test on essentially any healthy person looking to get more fit and improve their overall health status. FFTs can be done on men and women, ages 18-90+. The FFT is also great for people starting a gym or a fitness and wellness program, as well as for existing customers needing more motivation. The reports will keep your customers engaged and in control of their health

  • 13. How does your functional fitness testing (FFT) software determine what tests are performed?

    The software uses peer-reviewed medical journals to conveniently determine what protocols the evaluator should conduct. For example, while the “push-up test” is a popular assessment for upper extremity strength and endurance, research recommends that the “arm curl” test be conducted instead for anyone over 60 years old. This is because it’s safer and less strenuous on the body. For testing agility, the research suggests using the “hexagon” test for young adults, the “figure-of-eight run” test for middle-age adults, and the “four-square step” test for older adults

  • 14. Can webFCE assist me in obtaining the necessary equipment to complete a functional fitness test (FFT)?

    Yes. But all of the equipment can be found on Amazon or other related stores.

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