Course Description:

Our Functional Fitness Test is a narrated educational video course designed to provide information regarding the determination of an individual’s physical fitness status. At the end of each module there are review questions to test the learner’s understanding of the information provided. The Functional Fitness Test (FFT) combines various exercise tests with physical measurements in order to assess an individual’s overall level of fitness. The software automatically generates a rich yet easy-to-understand report analyzing body composition, flexibility and posture, muscle strength, balance and motor coordination, and speed and agility. The FFT assigns a straightforward fitness grade to each area, which are combined together into an overall fitness grade. The FFT’s trackable improvements and comparison feature motivates individuals to get fit. The FFT’s easy-to-understand health report makes planning a fitness regimen easy. Organizations can set clear program goals based on concrete data. Individuals can clearly understand their risks and how to improve. The FFT software accounts for performance norms for men and women aged 18-94, automatically suggesting the physical tests best suited to every individual. Keep employees fit and slash healthcare costs with an FFT backed corporate wellness program. With the FFT’s concrete data driving your program, you know you’re steering accurately toward real results. Upon the completion of this course you will understand the different components of the FFT and how they are implemented in fitness determinations.

This course will teach you how to correctly implement all techniques & procedures used during an FFT and how to make sound and professional interpretations of the results. It will also ensure your competence in the use of all evaluative instruments required during an FFT. These instruments and procedures are peer reviewed for reliability, validity, and widely accepted in industrial rehabilitation. You will be trained to administer and produce an individualized FFT report that meets today’s medical standards. The webFCE Software will be utilized during the course as a training tool.

Satisfactory course completion as an assessment of learned outcomes includes:

  • Participation of our 3 hour educational course and live demo.
  • Knowledge of the FFT Procedure Manual.
  • Performance and critique of a functional fitness examination.
  • Completion of certification examination with a score of 70% or better.

Course Rationale:

The purpose of this course is to provide comprehensive and up to date research based information to medical professionals who are interested in performing functional fitness tests and to widen the scope of the services they provide to the injured and non injured population. A good knowledge base of what an FFT encompasses & its purposes will arm clinicians and clinic managers with the ability to understand when an FFT is appropriate and how to communicate that information with referral sources (ie. physicians, lawyers, case managers, work wellness programs, assisted living facilities and acute care hospitals).

Course Objectives:

To provide learner information regarding:

  • How to perform an FFT to encompass validity and reliability to support your examination findings.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the various fitness related test procedures and components in a FFT.
  • Implement and use the various evaluation instruments and procedures conducted during a FFT.
  • Identify and select the most accepted evidence based FFT testing methodologies within the literature.
  • Incorporate standardized tests and measures to meet the highest of FFT documentation standards.
  • Compare and analyze the latest FFT performance techniques from peer reviewed literature.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the various types of FFT’s (senior, general population, athletic & sports related populations, worker populations) requested by referrals.
  • Exposure to Return of Investment aspects in Work Wellness programs.
  • Correctly administer and record vital signs to maintain safety of the individual being tested.
  • Understand and perform the various tests and measures that are part of a comprehensive FFT to insure accuracy of report findings.
  • Be proficient in the of the implementation of the webFCE FFT software.

Target Audience:

Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapists Assistants, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, and Athletic Trainers.

Training Cost:

$99 per person – on demand (pre-recorded); $299 per person – Live in person; $199 per person – Live Webinar.

Contact Hours/CEU:

4 hours/3 CEUs.