Our Story

About webFCE 

Web-based FCE Platform for Healthcare Practices

Carl Contino, MS, DAPT and William Holl, DAPT began conducting FCEs in the early 1990s in their physical therapy clinics. They quickly discovered the evaluations were complicated and time consuming. Though vendors were offering FCE support, they required specialized equipment, expensive training and multi-year software licenses. Moreover, even with the equipment and software, it was still challenging to draw consistent and accurate conclusions from the evaluation data.


Bill and Carl thought there had to be a better way. They wanted an affordable solution based on peer-reviewed research that would be quick and easy to complete. So, they decided to create their own FCE software to address those needs and include reporting that would be fully reimbursed and accepted in all legal proceedings.


Over the next decade, Bill, Carl and their clinicians performed hundreds of functional capacity evaluations using their software. The clinicians loved how user-friendly the tool was and they were confident in the validity and reliability of the testing. Adding FCEs to their clinic portfolio also significantly boosted staff productivity and clinic profitability.


By 2016, demand for FCEs was growing and Carl and Bill knew other healthcare professionals would benefit from the software too. They partnered with experienced healthcare technologist Steve Stanko to take their solution to the next level.


In 2018, webFCE officially launched as a revolutionary software tool for functional capacity evaluations, allowing clinicians to confidently conduct FCEs with ease, generate comprehensive reports and increase their clinic’s bottom line.