What is webFCE?

Fast, Comprehensive, and Easy FCE  Tests (Functional Capacity Evaluation)

WebFCE provides clinicians with a fast, comprehensive and easy way to perform functional capacity evaluations. The software generates an in-depth report, saving hours of unnecessary work.

Our HIPAA-compliant, web-based software program is specially designed for healthcare professionals who are already performing FCEs, as well as those who are considering implementing FCEs in their practice. WebFCE is peer-reviewed and has been shown to demonstrate face and content validity, construct validity and reliability. (1,2)

WebFCE is a peer-reviewed FCE software that includes consistency of effort (patient validity testing), full-time work tolerance, outcome measurements and cardio-respiratory testing. These additional assessments are critical to creating a comprehensive, complete report and in determining a client’s true functional abilities and work capacity.

1. Fishbain AA, et al. Measuring residual functional capacity in chronic low back pain patients based on the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, SPINE 1994; 19(8)872-880.
2. Fishbain AA, et al. Validity of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles-Residual Functional Capacity Battery. Clin J Pain 1999; 15(2):102-110.