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How Much Does FCE Equipment Cost?

FCE weights and treadmill doctors assessment

You ran the numbers. It seemed clear: expanding your practice to perform Functional Capability Evaluations (FCEs) is cost-prohibitive. Laying out your budget, you probably started with the high-end equipment. However, you found that treadmills, weight machines, and all the accompanying accessories can add up to the tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the cost of additional space to make room for all this equipment.

Many FCE software companies would have you believe all of this expensive equipment is absolutely necessary if you want to perform FCEs. After all, they’re the ones who want to sell that equipment in the first place!

Performing an FCE with WebFCE, on the other hand, requires NO specialized or expensive equipment. Instead, your FCE equipment cost with WebFCE could be negligible – thanks to our simple and flexible equipment requirements.

A Typical FCE vs. WebFCE

If you were to perform a typical FCE, you’d need to do it in a traditional physical therapy office or similar medical space equipped with PT equipment: treadmills, weight machines, and other heavy fitness-related apparati. However, specialized equipment doesn’t necessarily provide an accurate basis for evaluation with regard to functional capacity – especially when it’s work related. Moreover, heavy equipment traps the traditional FCE in a single, static space.

Enter WebFCE, which provides clinicians a quick yet comprehensive way to perform FCEs. Our software uses simple tools you likely already have in your clinic. Yet it still delivers results just as comprehensive as any competitor’s.

What’s more, WebFCE is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based software program designed both for healthcare professionals considering implementing FCEs in their practice and those who are already performing FCEs. WebFCE is peer-reviewed and demonstrates proven face and content validity as well as construct validity and reliability

Getting Creative

We designed WebFCE to allow you a greater flexibility in performing FCEs. The easy-to-address standard requirements of the evaluation mean you can fit the WebFCE to your unique needs.

Our FCE software travels where you do – so you can perform an FCE at a gym, physical therapy office, or in an empty office space or area. You can purchase the simple required equipment from medical supply stores, hardware stores, or online portals like Amazon. You can also utilize your own equipment so long as they meet the battery criteria. We require only simple tools: a pull sled, lifting boxes, balls, a briefcase or backpack. You likely already have them in your clinic.

Try Out WebFCE Today

WebFCE offers several straightforward payment plans designed to fit your unique needs and budget. Our FCEs cost as little as $50 per test – far lower than other vendors – and without a specialized FCE equipment cost.

Try out our software demo or give us a call at (833) 327-8323

WebFCE’s Required Equipment
Weight scale
Tape measure or yardstick
Heart rate monitor (HR App to blood
pressure cuff, etc)
Blood pressure monitor or cuff
Standard chair (no cushions), approx. 46 cm in height
Weights ranging from 1-10 lbs
Lifting box or milk crate
8-foot shelf with adjustable shelf heights
Push/pull sled or cart with locking wheels
2 x 4 piece of wood
Set of stairs or step stool
Standard pinch gauge
Small nuts and bolts or coins
Hot pack (warm cloth), cold pack (cold cloth), piece of sandpaper, piece of cotton cloth

That’s it! Click here to view item prices and purposes within the test.